The artists who will perform

Relaxing bath music and a change of scenery in the open air

The evening in nature promises to be exceptional, whether day or night, or even in the hot baths. Festival-goers will have the chance to enjoy a unique DJ and music show, all accompanied by breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Whether dancing to the rhythm of captivating beats or relaxing in the hot baths, this evening offers an unforgettable experience in the heart of nature. Festival-goers will be able to let themselves be carried away by the magic of music and nature, creating unforgettable memories. So get ready to experience an extraordinary evening, surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains and the captivating music of the DJs.

Musique bains détente et dépaysement en plein air


One famous woman DJ in Switzerland MAORA. She is a Swiss DJ and deep house producer. She gained popularity with her music Beatport Deep House and electro. She is also a resident DJ at the well-known night club,

She is preparing to excite the crowd as a DJ at the Leukerbad festival. With her exceptional talent and her passion for music, she will not fail to thrill festival-goers. Its unique style and varied musical selection will create an electrifying atmosphere, where everyone can dance and have fun until the end of the night. She is ready to share her infectious energy with the audience, spreading a wave of excitement and joy. Festival-goers are impatiently awaiting the arrival of this talented DJ who will transport them into a captivating world of sound. The Leukerbad festival promises to be memorable thanks to its incredible performance and the fiery atmosphere it will create.

DJ Co's

Dj Co's is a talented artist who has developed a unique electro style. This woman is full of energy and knows how to convey good humor during her showcases. His talent and passion are reflected in his music, creating a vibrant and catchy atmosphere. His sets are a perfect blend of dynamic beats and captivating melodies that never fail to get the crowd dancing. Dj Co's is a true ray of sunshine on the electro scene, bringing a dose of optimism and joy to all those lucky enough to see her live. Her unique style and her ability to create a festive atmosphere make her a remarkable and essential DJ.

dj co"s
dj co"s

DJ Rimbu

We are delighted to introduce Dj Rimbu, a great DJ from the Swiss techno scene. With his exceptional talent for electronic music, Rimbu has gained international fame by lighting up dancefloors. His unique style and contagious energy make him an essential artist in today's music scene. Whether in the prestigious clubs of Zurich or the most renowned festivals throughout Europe, Rimbu never ceases to surprise and electrify his audience. He perfectly knows how to mix powerful bass with captivating melodies, creating a captivating and irresistible atmosphere. Don't miss the opportunity to live an extraordinary musical experience with the talented DJ Rimbu!

dj rimbu festival leukerbad
dj rimbu festival leukerbad

Music Festival

Get ready to dance all day and night! Our music festival brings together the hottest local and international acts for an unforgettable weekend of tunes, good vibes, and memories to last a lifetime.

Accommodation Management

Take the hassle out of event planning and let us manage your accommodations. From hotels to vacation rentals, we’ll make sure you have a comfortable and convenient stay.

Mountain Activities & SPA

Take a break from the music and explore the beauty of Leukerbad. Our mountain activities offer something for everyone, from hiking and biking to relaxing in the spa.

Culinary Experience

Get ready to savor the flavors of Switzerland! Our culinary experience features local and international cuisine, prepared by top chefs and served in a stunning mountain setting.

Experience a unique moment of musical escape

Come live a unique experience listening to vibrant music and partying in the magnificent mountains. Imagine your body immersed in the warm waters of the thermal baths, surrounded by your friends, listening to intoxicating music mixed by energizing DJs. This electrifying ambiance will transport you to a world of unprecedented pleasure and entertainment. There's nothing like letting yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the music, being overwhelmed by positive energy and enjoying moments of pure euphoria. So, don't hesitate any longer and join us for an unforgettable evening in the mountains, where music and partying will be the key words.